2014_MGV_HPMGV Harmonia (MGV) is the youngest of the German men’s singing organizations in Wisconsin. It was founded in 1967 by twelve German immigrants who loved to sing but didn’t want to commute to Milwaukee or Chicago to sing in the existing choirs there. MGV is a German acronym for “Männer Gesangverein,” or “Men’s Singing Society.” Singing in choirs is a tradition that many German immigrants brought with them from “the old country.” Sprinkled throughout the entire United States, one can find examples of this tradition. The recently razed Christian Youth Council building on 52nd Street in Kenosha had been the German Singers’ Hall for many years. MGV Harmonia has continuously rehearsed and held public concerts in Kenosha for the last 46 years.

MGV is the only chorus to win three consecutive Wisconsin Sängerbezirk Kommers (singing competitions), and has won its coveted traveling trophy a record 15 times. MGV has made four singing tours to Germany and Austria and has performed throughout the United States and Canada.

The mission of MGV Harmonia is to foster male choral singing, emphasizing German and American folk songs, hymns, and ballads. To perpetuate our German/European culture, we include a large dose of “gemütlichkeit.” Our singers come from a variety of backgrounds and are not professionals, but all share a common interest – the love of singing. If you cannot read or speak the German language, our bilingual singers will help you with the basics of translation, enunciation, and grammar. The MGV repertoire ranges from sacred music to the “beer hall” songs of Bavaria and even some American spirituals. Songs are sung in both German and English.

The Harmonia is always welcoming new members, both Active and Passive. Active members consist of the singers in the male chorus, while Passive members support the choir and are welcome to participate in all choir events. All members enjoy the satisfaction of helping preserve a time honored tradition. Besides concerts and singing competitions, MGV also holds numerous social events for its members during the year, such as winter card parties, an annual fishing trip, a summer picnic, a Christmas party and other gatherings and trips. We also hold fund-raising functions to support the choir, including providing food service at our Spring Concert, at Oktoberfest at Kemper Center and other events.  Please click HERE for a listing of typical activities and further information.

Please feel free to join us at a rehearsal if you are interested in singing. MGV rehearses from September through May on Tuesdays from 7:00pm – 8:30pm (the hall is open by 6:30) at the Knights of Columbus, 2318 63rd Street, Kenosha. Enter through the red door in the rear by the parking lot between 23rd and 24th Avenues and take the stairs to the second floor. We hope you will consider joining us in this great adventure of cultural experiences, making new friends and having new fun.

To contact MGV Harmonia, click here

or email sing@mgvharmonia.org